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Presbyterian Church in America History About Forreston Grove Church...

The congreation of Forreston Grove Church is a diverse group. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, represent a number of occupations, and have diverse hobbies and interests. Despite our differences, we share one common ambition - to know Christ and to make Him known.

We believe that without Christ we are nothing. He alone has the power to save us from our sins. He alone can assure us of everlasting life. It's by His grace that we are saved. Although we all make mistakes, we as a congregation strive to live our lives in a way that honors Christ. We value regular Bible reading, prayer and fellowship with other Christians.

We're also committed to sharing the good news of Christ from His word, the Bible. We seek to find and teach those who do not already know Christ as their Savior. We're dedicated to doing so not only on a local level, but nationally and worldwide as well. We support numerous missions and missionaries in our area and across the globe.

If you already know Christ and regularly attend church, we praise God that you're a part of His family. If you don't already know Him or don't already attend church, please take this as an invitation to give Forreston Grove a try. We strive to make our Sunday morning worship services as visitor-friendly as possible so you'll feel at home and comfortable. In addition to our Sunday morning worship services, we offer many other programs and activies aimed at adults, seniors, children and families. We hope you'll choose to take part!

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