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Our History...

Forreston Grove Church has its roots in the mid 1800's. A group of like-minded immigrants from northwestern Germany began meeting in Forreston area homes once a week for Bible study, prayer and hymn singing in the Dutch language. As the group outgrew homes, it began meeting in rural schoolhouses. And in 1865, a group of devout men and women decided to start a church that would use the German language rather than Dutch. After much discussion and prayer, the group established a governing body and chose a location west of Foreeston for the proposed church. This uncleared area was given the name of Forreston Grove.

In the fall of 1865, Forreston Grove Presbyterian Church was formally established. The first church building -- a log cabin-like structure -- was completed in 1866. In 1889, a new church building was erected. That building -- which came to include several additions made in the 1940's -- was destroyed by fire on August 1, 1953. Groundbreaking for the church building as it stands today took place in July of 1954, and construction was completed in the fall of 1956.

Through the years, Forreston Grove Church has seen many changes. Today's congregation, however, remains committed to the sound Biblical teaching and doctrine that have been emphasized throughout the church's history.

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