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Pastor’s Note-May 2019

And just like that, it begins. Spring has finally arrived in force in northern Illinois and our community resembles an anthill that has been kicked over. Everybody is scurrying about trying to complete their to-do lists before it’s too late:

  • Farmers (and gardeners) are frantically preparing fields and planting.
  • Our college students are wrapping up final projects and starting finals.
  • We’re knocking out spring cleaning chores after a long, hard winter.
  • The church is in the middle of a fundraising campaign for a major repair project.
  • Our K-12 students and teachers are finishing up. (Oh wait, they still have another month—thanks, February!)

Whether you feel like you’re gearing up or winding down right now, times when we feel like we are sprinting can be what the Bible calls a trial. A trial is a period when the circumstances of our lives all conspire to make life hard. Trials reveal who/what we are looking to at that moment for our functional salvation. By “functional salvation” I’m not referring to your formal commitment to Jesus, but what you are looking to at that moment to bring you through the trial. A functional savior is where we go to for hope, refuge, and a final solution to our struggles. I’ll confess that when I’m sprinting like this, my gaze too easily shifts from Jesus to other pseudo-saviors called efficiency, progress, and Netflix. I jump from workaholism to escapism and back again. What about you?

As we sprint, Jesus calls us to sprint well. He invites us to find hope, refuge, comfort, and purpose in Himself. We are to do everything we do to the glory of God, not the glory of self (1 Corinthians 10:31). In other words, if you are planting right now, plant to the glory of God. If you’re writing a term paper, write to the glory of God. If you’re beating rugs and painting buildings, beat and paint to the glory of God. With Jesus at the center, we can sprint through it all with our hearts at rest in His steadfast grace.

Looking ahead, let me give you a quick overview of what summer will look like at Forreston Grove. We are resuming our Exodus series on Sunday, April 28th and will begin working through the Ten Commandments in May and June. Don’t miss out as we examine what the Godward life looks like for a Christian. We’ll wrap up our series in Exodus by the end of summer.

On May 12th, we will take a break from working through the book of Acts in adult Sunday School. While Brian enjoys a well-deserved break, I will teach a class on what the Bible has to say about managing our money. It will be a practical class where we apply the teaching of Scripture to everyday dollars-and-cents issues like budgeting, saving, giving, debt, and investing. Bring your Bible and your calculator!

Finally, mark your calendars for June 10-14th as we enjoy another great week of the Forreston Community VBS. We need volunteers and signups begin soon!